The less you do, the more you achieve

There’s always temptation to want to do more. We feel that the longer the to-do-list, the more productive or busy we feel or are.

The role of strategy is not just knowing what to do, but perhaps more significantly, knowing what not to do.

Knowing what not to do creates focus. Focus is what increases efficiency. Efficiency increases effectiveness, which ultimately, means getting things done successfully.

Nip the urge to want to do more. Prioritize three (3) key areas of success, and let those priorities be the focal area for a certain period. This is a tactic used by Bob Iger, who is the current CEO of Walt Disney. With this approach of having only three (3) strategic priorities, he has been able to grow and lead the company successfully.

The less you do, the more you achieve.

In our industry, we have been conditioned to want to do everything at once or do nothing at all. We have been conditioned to believe that there’s never enough time. That the time we have now is the only window period to do everything.

We have more time to do everything than we think. We have time to do everything. We just need to be patient. Our industry thrives on unrealistic deadlines, which to me, are quite arbitrary. But that’s a separate topic altogether.

For now, remember that there’s always time to do everything, but not all at once. So, prioritize and focus on a few key areas, do that consistently, and patiently watch the growth of your brand.

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