AKA x Reebok

My thoughts on AKA x Reebok

So if I understand correctly, AKA signed an influencer deal or contract to get clothing for a year while Reebok made money from his name?

I personally don’t think he should be made fun of. As most of us are or have been employees, I think we’ve all signed bad contracts that don’t make sense, the difference being that ours are private. We’ve all been ripped off, one way or the other. We’ve all made bad judgements, for whatever reason, and he had his. If right now, we went and checked Employee contracts, and any kind of deals, we’d discover that we are no different from AKA. Fortunately or unfortunately, AKA is a celebrity and expectations tend to get heightened when one is in the spotlight. As human being, the jobs we occupy, the title we wear proudly on our chest are not vaccines to ill judgement from time to time. No matter how successful we become, each day brings along moments and opportunities to learn more, not only about our craft, but about ourselves.

But overall, I think it’s big of him to publicly admit that he took an L from something that was meant to be a huge W. Maybe Adidas or Nike are watching.

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