Kanye West Is More A Strategist, Than A Creative

We are more exposed to Kanye West’s artistic and creative expressions than we are to his strategic thinking.

In theory, anything that we see, feel, and touch is a creative manifestation that is inherently imbued with strategic intent.

I’m not sure if it is because of what I do as a profession or if it is something that should be obvious. Everything that I look at, I view it through the lens of strategy. That means, when people see ads on TV; my mind goes past the advert or text and I start to analyze the intention behind it. I only admire the thing for a moment, and spend the rest of the time trying to answer the following:

  • Why are they doing that?
  • What are they trying to achieve?
  • What is the bigger goal?
  • Was there another way they could have done it, if so, why did they choose this approach or route?

Answers to the above questions start to paint a clear picture of what the strategy behind everything might be. That’s how you should review Kanye’s new financial status.

Strategic Moves > Creative Moves

In the creative industry or the arts; we know that most artists and creatives die as paupers. Why is that? One reason which I fully back, is the lack of strategic visionary.

Why is it that the most talented people die broke? I’m not saying that the accumulation of wealth or riches is the most important thing, but I’ve never seen an artist or creative that offers themselves for free or the betterment of humanity. They all want to make make money and have their arts and creativity take care of them long after they’ve thrown in the towel.

Kanye West could have been anything, and would still flourish in whatever. In fact, that’s what he did. He moved from producing music, to being in front of the mic, to fashion, to gospel music and who Knows what else? He has been successful at every turn. Who knows, he may be the next president. Anything is possible in the United States of America.

Kanye doesn’t make music moves, he makes strategic moves. What’s the difference between the two?

Strategic moves are moves outside of music. Music moves are moves still confined within the music space. Of course, you can still make strategic music moves, but the difference would be that those moves would depend on music and the broader music industry, but only as far as it stretches.

On the other hand, strategic moves don’t need to have anything to do with music, which is what Kanye West has done. He is a genius at everything he sets his mind on doing.

Strategy moves change or transform the state of anything.

Kanye West is not a creative, he is a strategist who expresses his thinking through any outlet that allows and enables him to do so.

What does it mean to be more strategic than creative?

Have you never wondered why some of the “less” talented artists or creatives make a killing? You guessed it, they apply strategic thinking.

As a creative or artist, you will never be a millionaire, let alone a billionaire if you are not strategic. To become a billionaire, you’d need to do things outside of your normal. You’d need to make strategic moves, not creative ones. You’d need not depend on the thing that you are creative at, but rather, on what doors it opens, and how you utilize those opportunities.

It is cute to be passionate about that one thing, but if Kanye’s journey is anything to study, it shows that diversity of skill and interest is critical to making strategic moves. Be intentional with your craft, but also be curious in other things.

You still don’t believe? Look at any billionaire and tell me if they are billionaires because of the one thing they do, or the many things that they have interests in? I’ll wait in the comments section. Not even Apple relied on the Apple Computer. They had to diversify into mobile phones, music, and entertainment. It is very rare for one thing to be the catalyst that catapults one into Billionaire status. You can even ask Jay-Z.

‘Creativity’ alone is not enough. You need to be strategic and have you vision be led by a sound vision.

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