My #LoeriesViews 2019

I arrived late Friday evening, because we had a presentation on the same afternoon, so we flew in late. I missed out on the keynotes and masterclasses.

Below are my views based on what I observed. You don’t have to agree, but you can definitely disagree. Here they are:

  • There was a whole lot of drinking and drunkenness. The environment and placeallows for this.
  • Nice people overall. Great atmosphere to connect and talk to people’s real selves.

About the awards ceremony

  • Donovan killed it, he’s a great MC with insightful and funny jokes. I say ‘funny’ jokes because sometimes, SA comedians… let me leave that one alone. Anyway, I hope he wins next year’s tender
  • Andrea’s award is well-deserved
  • Alistair’s award seemed long overdue, the video paints a beautiful picture of his catalogue.
  • Congratulations to Joe Public
  • Congratulations to TBWA
  • Congratulations to all winners

The work

Creativity or creative work is by default subjective, meaning that it lends itself into multiple and varying interpretations, so here are my subjective observations of the work:

  • Some of the work I thought was Gold worthy received either Silver or Bronze
  • And some the work I thought was Bronze worthy got silver or Gold
  • In one moment, a case study that won silver got an astounding and roaring ovation, in the same category, the gold winner just got a few hand claps here and there – this was clear disapproval. Judging by the level of excitcement and resonance, the audience in the room thought that the silver winner deserved gold
  • Some of the work that won felt like proactive work more than actual briefed in work in the system, from client, addressing real business or brand issues
  • Some of the work felt like it never flighted at all
  • Some of the work was really great – really inspiring, got me excited.
  • Work outside of South Africa was really inspiring, in that it felt like they did work that really mattered or work that was solving real issues
  • Some of the work that won didn’t inherenfly carry the #impact factor even tough it was perfectly created
  • Which leads me to my next point

How to win awards

  • Judges rate entries within confined parameters, meaning, judgement and scoring is based on what’s in front of them, and not what they think generally. Jjudges can’t score and average case study high because they’ve seen the work, and therefore feel like the case study didn’t do justice to the campaign
  • Which means, each entry is judged based on the quality or lack thereof, of the case study, how it’s packaged and how it argues for a win
  • Meaning, an average campaign that has the best packaged case study, with the most persuasive narrative stands a good chance to win big
  • On the other hand, the best campaigns with average case studies that are not packaged in an convincing manner may not win big
  • Why I say this? There have been many campaigns that have won big but did nothing in the market nor client’s bottom line. This is a worldwide phenomenon. There are campaigns that have won at Cannes, but weren’t really effective nor creative (Check the Hyundai emoji campaign that won at Cannes this year)
  • What I’m saying is, the packaging of the case study, is just as important as the work or campaign itself.

Overall, we need the Loeries, they are a great social lubricant for our industry and they keep us motivated.

The one piece I thought deserved gold is Brand SA’s work

But those are my views. What are yours if you were at the awards?

#Awards #LoeriesViews2019 #LoeriesViews #Africa

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