The Power Of Strategy In A Boardroom

If you want to sell an indea in a boardroom, sell strategy first.

Strategy is not “set-up” for creative. It is not the drums roll before the idea. Strategy is powerful. It is the idea before the idea.

In a boardroom, every person has their own subjective bias about everything. Everyone has an idea of “what will work best”. In a boardroom, every person has their own agenda, and your idea is fighting for a nod or a yes against these subjective settings.

It’s human nature to think that your idea or thought is the best or better than everyone else’s in the room. So, any idea that is to be presented faces these multiple agendas.

The power of strategy

This is where strategy comes in. In a boardroom of 25 people, that means there are 25 different olinions and ideas. To sell an idea, sell strategy first. Strategy does the following:

  • It brings all 25 people in the boardroom on your journey
  • It paints your thought process for everyone to see and feel
  • It builds your argument for why your idea will work
  • Like a herd of cattle, strategy is able to herd all subjective thoughts and biases that exist to fall in line with your thinking – going from 25 different ideas, to 1 idea, your idea
  • Strategy gets you buy-in for the idea before the idea is even revealed
  • If your strategy has 7 key critical points that you want to land, and if along the way, at each point, the audience agrees or nods, you’ve already sold the idea
  • By the time you get to the idea, you’ve already made your audience nod 7 times, it’ll be pretty difficult for them to shake their heads on the idea
  • Strategy helps the room think in a single dimension or perspective that your idea is anchored in
  • Strategy eliminates doubt

Strategy has the power to sell an idea before the idea is revealed. Strategy pulls everyone onto your side. Strategy is like a mini campaign for your idea or solution.

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