Strategy is what you do

Strategy is not what you say, it’s what you do. Strategy only exists when it is being actioned. Whether it is a business, brand or communication strategy, your intentions can only be true if actioned upon.

Until you take action towards what you intent to achieve, then there really is no plan.

It is like exercising, your body will never show results until you get on the treadmill or hit the road running. Your strategy will not show results until you put action behind your intentions.

Thinking is only the beginning. Anybody can think, but not everybody actions on their thinking. Imagine you are single, and there’s a girl or boy or human being you like, but all you do is “think” about approaching them, you’ve actually done nothing but cause yourself anxiety.

So, if you can and do action, you automatically get the advantage. The magic is in taking action.

Strategy is doing.

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