Brand Truth: The Best Way To Build A Brand

The best brand marketing is done through your brand truth.

Advertising sure can have puffery and has creative license for a bit of exaggeration. But to build a long lasting brand that is believable and competitive, you need to speak truth through your brand.

Avis’ “We Try Harder” is one case study of a brand that conceptualized a creative campaign based on its truth.

After many years of not cracking the number one (1) position in its industry or category, Avis decided to own its truth.

Avis was number two (2) in its category. Instead of coming up with a campaign that sought to “lie” about how great or amazing they are or try to position themselves as the “best”; they decided to own their truth which was; “they aren’t the best”.

Strategically, this is one of the best thinking in brand marketing.

The consumer facing message for “Avis is not the best” became; “We Try Harder”. This is one of the best case studies of turning what is a negative or a pain point from a business point of view, into an appealing and compelling proposition. They owned their number two (2) position.

This leading to a strategic intent of improving on their service and brand experience consistently.

Unlike FNB’s “How Can We Help You”; which creates high expectations at every contact point, people expect and demand to be helped every single time. “We Try Harder” on the other hand, is a statement of intent and a brand promise. It creates manageable expectations.

We try harder means we are always working to improve, because “we are not there yet”. That was the honest truth, they weren’t the best, because someone else occupied the number one spot.

As a result of owing their truth, the “We Try Harder” camapign propelled them to the number one spot.

Own your brand truth and make magic out of it. Make it work for you.

As a comapny or as a person, what’s your brand truth? Don’t shy away from it, own it.


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