People Don’t Think They Need Strategy Until They Do

People love strategy, but would rather pay for the creative, than the thinking before hand. Everyone wants strategy, but would rather pay for the banner ad, the digital post instead, and business card.

Strategy is always requested as a favour. Strategy is recognized as important, but it is not that really critical. People just want to quickly get to the print ad, the social media posts and the posters.

The only time when strategy is really sought after is when the creative execution don’t work. The purpose of strategy is not to “save” businesses, it should there not be requested as an act of desperation. Strategy is meant to build and grow.

People (companies) don’t think they need strategy until they do. Agencies, brands, companies and marketers would rather rush to market with creative communications or campaigns that are based on nothing concrete. Inevitably, the strategy will be needed to fix the challenges faced.

Strategy is not there, or at least shouldn’t be treated or seen as a back up plan. It is not there so that you can do as you please, knowing that you can always fix things later on. “Fixing” is expensive and waste time.

Do the right thing the first time around, build your strategy first, and then execute based on that strategy.

LinkedIn: Bogosi Motshegwa

Twitter: @Thinkerneur

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