It’s Time For MoFaya To Have Its Own Brand Story

Dj Sbu is no doubt an inspiration in more ways than one. Vilify him, hate him, love him, be inspired by him, despise him, but one thing you can’t do is to ignore him.

He has done things that many may consider ‘not by the book’, as many have scolded, reprimanded, and branded him to be careless. Whatever the case may be, we’ve all looked up and noticed. In brand marketing or advertising, we call this brand awareness.

The Man Who Has Done It All

Dj Sbu is the ultimate hustler, he will do whatever it takes to be noticed. In a more recent video that I saw on Facebook; Dj Sbu can be seen and heard referencing ‘Spirit’, a book and concept that talks about how important it is to speak positivity and life, because whatever you utter, will be spoken into existence. Sbu claims that he is already a billionaire, emphasising the importance of being the thing you dream of in future, right now. I love this message.

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Dj Sbu and MoFaya

This is the sentiment that is a golden thread across everything he has done and continue to do. The great thing about Sbu is that he is not just a talker or thinker, he is a doer. In one video, in the middle of the CBD, he is seen selling MoFaya out a 20L paint budget, repurposed to be a cooler box to carry the MoFaya merchandise. This man is incredible. A man who is a Dj, music producer, record label owner, an artist, a radio station owner and the founder of an energy drink. With such a resume (CV); how does he still find time and the humility to take the role of someone starting out, trying to make ends meet (a street hawker), and sell his energy drink in the streets of Jozi? Absolutely amazing.

The ultimate Hustler

Sbu has faced controversy over his “hustling”. It is alleged and reported that he got fired from Metro FM for giving his brands and products free/unauthorised/illegal airtime on air.

He recently faced backlash for walking into a gym for free, and there are multiple incidents where he demonstrated the art of hustling.

Beyond The Hustle 

What hustling will do is get you noticed, get you past the bouncers at a club, even past the doors of a gym in America. Hustling will make people notice you.

Q: You will be spoken about, but what happens when you are not in the room? Who does the speaking for you? Who becomes as charismatic as you are?

A: Your brand

Beyond the hustle, that’s where and when the brand takes over, or at least should take over. Building a powerful, memorable and distinct brand is the best investment for your company or business.

This is why I believe that it is now time for MoFaya (Dj Sbu) to build a MoFaya brand. This is critical to know why and understand. Hustling requires Dj Sbu to be there physically and to be present all the time (which is physically taxing and time consuming), but a brand will do the hustling for him and MoFaya, without him even being present. The power of a brand is that it can outlive you, if done right.

There are very few brands of which their founders are still alive. Ford, Sunlight, KFC, Coca-Cola, Sanlam Insurance, Dove, just to name a few, these brands are at the core and fibre of our very existence, but their founders are no more. Why is this? Because a brand becomes bigger than all of us, including the founders.

How Sbu/MoFaya Can Build His Brand

They say a brand is a collection of what people feel and think when they either think of come in contact with a brand. “A brand is not what the company says, but what people say it is”, unknown author.

When you think of MoFaya, what comes to mind? In your list of things that comes up, I’m quite certain that the words or phrases; “Dj Sbu” and “Hustling” came up. What this means is that MoFaya is strongly linked and attached to the founder, and not the product itself. If you have been following MoFaya, you will also know that it is “the only drink that says; ‘Thixo’ when you open it”

The point I’m making is that MoFaya needs to be bigger than Dj Sbu. It needs to be less dependant on the founder. It needs to have its own identity and purpose. It’s needs to tell its own brand story.

Building The MoFaya Brand Through Storytelling

The only way MoFaya can be a brand of its own is for it to be given a chance and an opportunity to tell its own brand story. A brand story is a narration of the following:

  • why a brand exists
  • who is it for,
  • what it is and how it is made,
  • why people should buy it and
  • why people should buy into it.

Once this starts happening for MoFaya, the brand will gradually develop a life of its own. MoFaya will have its own personality, and will solicit emotions totally devoid of the man himself. This is not to say that it’s wrong for people to associate Sbu with MoFaya, but long-term, this will be beneficial for the brand as it will allow the brand have longevity.

Who is MoFaya For?

Part of building a strong brand is being to identify who you are targeting, and this can also be a very strong way for MoFaya to build a narrative that is unique. If we take the angle of Hustling, and use it to define who is MoFaya made for, it could make for a very interesting communications strategy.

Here Is A Strategy (Strategic Direction) For MoFayT

If you think about it, Energy Drinks are for everyone.

In marketing (at least in traditional marketing approaches/practices), it is a brand marketing cardinal sin to target everyone. You are not allowed to target everyone, but Coke has done a pretty good job of targeting everyone. Their product portfolio/strategy allows them to really zone in on consumer needs (you have Coke Light, Zero, Life and Original variants).

So, for the purpose of demonstrating the power of having a brand and communications strategy that builds your brand; let’s just say Sbu or MoFaya is targeted at everyone (young, old, male, female, cis-gender, all genders and all races), so how do you communicate to everyone?

MoFaya Communications Strategy

A communications strategy should cover or do the following; it should identify the target markets, their needs/motivations and pain points, should reveal the brand truth, product truth and consumer insight, and the role the product/brand will play in people’s minds/lives, brand messaging and how you are planning an

Target Market Question/Provocation:

If everyone is a target market, then how do you engage and resonate with everyone? Let’s first look at the brand

Brand Truth:

MoFaya is a brand that is designed or purposed to ignite the fire in you. Sbu calls it; The Hustler’s Drink.

Consumer Truth:

Everyone is on their hustling journey. Whether you work at a bank, an advertising agency, are a call centre agent, a student, a teacher, a taxi driver, an entrepreneur, we are all hustling in our own way. Even Johan Rupert is a hustler.

Re-defining Hustling:

What I’ve done there is that I’ve re-defined the concept of hustling, moving it away from the myopic concept/view to it applying to everyone, where it’s about struggling.

Product Truth & Role:

Therefore, if everyone is hustling in their own way, regardless of what they are doing, every now and then, we all need a little bit of fire ignited in us.

We could all do with MoFaya once in a while (See what I did there with the brand name, MoFaya? I’ve made it to become a need. You would use it like this in a sentence; “I need a little bit of MoFaya to complete this article).

Brand Strategy:

The strategy for the brand would simply to build equity and memory structures around ‘Hustling’. Make sure that people understand that the brand is for whatever journey of hustling they are on. This is just aspect of the brand narrative (the why, what, how, who).


The takeout for the first phase of the brand is for people to know and understand (the consumer takeout) that; whether you are in the office or in the streets, MoFaya is what you need once in a while, just to re-ignite the Faya in you.

MoFaya Can Now Grow Beyond Sbu:

If Sbu does that, MoFaya will now be on its way to build its own brand story, and become completely independent from the founder. The same way we don’t think about the founders of Ford, VW, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Peroni, Carling Black Label, Kellogg’s, Adidas and McDonald’s.

Make no mistake; brand building takes time and effort, therefore this strategic approach may take time to land, but like anything worth doing, it will be worth it.

I believe that this will broaden the number of people that will buy the drink.

But at the same time, I feel like he has done extremely well. Thank you for reading :-).

If you’d like to discuss your brand, please contact me:

LinkedIn: Bogosi Motshegwa

Twitter: @Thinkerneur


  1. Hopefully , Dj Sbu can take note of strategic direction proposed here. I like what you did here “We could all do with MoFaya once in a while”. Thank you sir


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