The World Needs Ideas That Work

The world doesn’t necessarily need new great ideas, it just needs ideas that work. Sometimes, there can be a great outcome from a simple idea.

Not every idea needs to “wow” people in the room, it just needs to do what it is meant to do.

In fact, this is how Steve Jobs measured ideas. If the thing being created or built needed to do 1-2-3; but ended up doing 6-5-4, then someone needed to figure out why that was.

Of course, the vision was grand, but if you think about every Apple, at the core of each product, is a simple idea that is beautifully designed and works seamlessly.

So, you don’t really need an idea on the scale of Apple, you just need an idea that works, but make sure that you present it magnificently simple to people. Who knows, you do it long enough with perseverance and commitment; you may just become the new Apple. But until then…

…the world needs ideas that work.

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