Why I’m personally hurt by the fall of Ndalo Media

The Ndalo Media story is hurting me. Both from a national  (everyone is in disbelief and hurt about losing such legacy in our lifetime) and from a selfish point of view (I’ve always wanted to work with Destiny Man). 

I’ve always had a couple of targets in terms of where I wanted my work to be published. I had always wanted to write for Destiny Man. I’ve tried to approach them, although even though I  wasn’t initially aggressive with my efforts. I must admit, I wasn’t aggressive this year still with my efforts, it was something that was at the back of my mind.

Before Kojo Baffoe was reappointed at Ndalo Media, he was the Chief Editor at Afropolitan Magazine, a great publication, and it was the article that I penned for them that would get me closer to writing for Destiny Man. Sean Press, a good friend of mine, reached out and asked if I’d like to pen something for them. It was such a great gesture, and if I may say so myself, that article was one of my best articles. Here’s that article.

Seeing that I had already worked with Kojo, when he announced his return to Ndalo Media , I reached out to him and  asked for an opportunity to write for Destiny Man.

Long story short, Kojo gave me a chance to live out my dream. Finally, I had the opportunity to write for Destiny Man (happy dance). It’s bittersweet  for me that the first time I write for Destiny Man, will also be my last time. 

Bogosi Motshegwa's Article for Destiny Man That Will Be Published in January 2019
My Article for Destiny Man: Should Be Published in January 2019

I’m in a selfish pain. I’m grateful for the opportunity because I can now also say that I was part of the humongous “Legacy”. Thanks to Kojo, and thanks to Sean for reaching out first, because if it wasn’t for the opportunity to publish for Afropolitan Magazine, I probably wouldn’t have had the Destiny Man opportunity. 

I think my piece comes out in what we now know to be the last publication ever, in January 2019.  As I mentioned, it’s bittersweet; but I can’t wait for everyone to read it.  

#ThankYouKhanyi #ThankYouKojo #ThankYouSean

Edited by: Zanele Hlatshwayo